Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I was in the winter of my life, which seemed to be a flurry of chaotic busyness. I wanted to focus more on those things that make me happy and live in the moment, rather than running throughout my days (and my life), looking to the next thing to solve in the crazy agenda.   

It began with a decision to consciously design a life that makes me feel good and put happiness at the heart of my philosophy of life. So I started building my escape tunnel and bought a camera to photograph all happy details of my daily life, to capture my travels and adventures and tell stories that I want to remember. This blog was created to preserve precious moments, catch happy thoughts that make me smile inside, help focus on being happy in the now and taste life twice. 
And just like that photography became more than a hobby. It brought more artistry into my life. It was my only summer.