Friday, September 06, 2013

days like this

We talk trash and we laugh and cry

That kind of therapy money cant buy
Every now and then, every now and then
Every girl needs a good friend and a glass of wine

[LeAnn Rimes]

I just love cozy evenings with my girls. Usually, we meet in small cafes, order delicious food and wine and talk for hours and laugh like crazy. We are all smart, funny and wonderful people. I'm so lucky having them as my friends and colleagues and soul mates. I'm thankful for all our amazing time together that make me wanna say how I wish I had a million days like this. 

Я обожаю своих девчонок. Мы любим встречаться в уютных кафе, разговаривать часами и смеяться как сумасшедшие. В такие минуты нет никого счастливее нас. Недавно мы встречались в кафе, пили прекрасное вино, пробовали разные десерты и разговаривали до поздней ночи. Я хочу еще миллион таких наших встреч!

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