Sunday, May 17, 2015

flower power

My favorite flowers? That would have to be peonies, ranunculus, poppies, tulips and lilies of the valley. However, lately I have been completely obsessed with these miniature roses, they are beautiful, smell gorgeous and come in so many different colors. That pale pink is so calming. I am always impressed with how wonderful just a few simple, delicate flowers in a glass can be.
What are your favorite flowers?

Моими любимыми цветами всегда были пионы, лютики, маки, тюльпаны и ландыши. Но с недавних пор эти маленькие розы тоже стали любимыми. Особенно нежно розовые цветочки, такие милые. А какие цветы нравятся вам?

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