Friday, January 08, 2016

Warsaw holidays

I didn't know what an exiting few days visit was in Warsaw when we spontaneously decided to fly away from home on 31 December. Never did I know that I could have so much fun when it was so freezing cold outside (always say yes to mulled wine). We watched the gorgeous New Year's fireworks, had delicious food, walked around the old city center and stopped by cute cafes for hot chocolate and Polish cheesecakes. I truly fell in love with Warsaw and I still have so much left to explore that I haven't yet seen. 2016, you better make room for some Warsaw-time!

Я даже не догадывалась как замечательно мы проведем новогодние дни в Варшаве, когда мы спонтанно решили купить билеты и улететь 31 декабря. И конечно же я и представить себе не могла, что гулять в мороз так здорово (особенно, если в этом городе обалденный глинтвейн). Новогодние фейерверки, замечательная еда и прогулки по красивому старому городу, 2016-й, мне нужен еще один повод, чтобы вернуться в Варшаву!    


  1. These are absolutely gorgeous photos; serious holiday blues right now!

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  2. Oh these photos are absolutely stunning! I can't wait to visit this city! Thanks for sharing :)

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    Tamara xxx

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Tamara, Warsaw is beautiful.